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Welcome to LearnTarka, with loads of helpful courses, additional material and content to help you become a world class Tarka player.

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In This First Beginners Course

You will learn:

The 8 Principles

Tarka is a dynamic game, the object is to win by being as strategic as you can be and also to have fun. Learn the principles that will allow you to become a master player.

The 8 Rules

A list of the general rules for the game. The pieces also have specific rules relating to them. Even with so few rules, the game is still delightfully challenging

The 8 Lessons

Eight lessons to get you going with Tarka. Much easier to learn than you would imagine such a richly complex game could be, with videos explaining everything.

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More Courses Coming Soon

We are already developing a range of intermediate and advanced courses for you, with over 1000 pages of theory, strategies, tactics and insights to share and 63 ebooks written and yet to be released.

Tarka Foundations - Intermediate

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You will learn: Forcing Moves 101 Development Count, Safety Strategies for your King, Mariana trench tactics... & more.

Game Play

You will learn: Capturing Material for Free, Capturing Material of Greater Value, Capturing the Position with... & more...


You will learn: Pawn/Squire Structure, The Advanced Pawn/Squire Advantage, Exploiting Weaknesses Using Advantages... & more.

Tarka In-depth - Advanced Learning

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A series of advanced openings that will give you an instant edge. Some are easy to learn, but complex to play, others took decades to develop and will have a profound impact on your understanding of the game.


We give you a series of attack plays, they include: Pre-set Plays, Lightening Plays and Power Plays. You will also learn about and get cheat sheets for: Offensive Formations and The Tactics Lexicon, plus Calculation Secrets


You will learn advanced defence princples and techniques
including 34 forms of Pawn movement in the centre agains the opposing Centre Pawns.Piece on piece defence, zone defence, Tarka Tai Chi and much more

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For the cost of a cup of coffee each week you can now ask them in the weekly Q&A, Dave is always  happy to answer any and all of them

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