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Tarka Beginners Q&A - Weekly Live Calls

These Q&A's are where you get to ask all your burning question and have Dave Mills, the Creator of the game,  answer them. The Call duration is 1-2 hours depending on the number of questions needing to be answered.

The Call Structure

  • First 10 minutes - Quick intro and catch up from the last week including  any news of interest. Dave will call for questions to be typed into the chat section of the call.
  • Next 10 minutes - a topic of discussion based on the groups interests and questions from the previous weeks. Food for thought. 
  • Q&A opens - starting with the most commonly asked questions and working down the list. Where needed the mic's will be opened to discuss or gain deeper insights
  • We work out what the next weeks intro topic will be and wrap up the call. 

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