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The Tarka Ecosystem

What is the Tarka Ecosystem?

A Game, a Cryptocurrency, a Tournament, an association… A Way of Life! 

A strategy game… Think Chess X 100. We want to forever change the way people play games… and everyone who has played Tarka loves it. 

Tarka will not only give it’s players the opportunity to participate in an extraordinary game, but a game that creates its own currency when you play it, That will have a pro-tournament series where you will not only make a living playing Tarka, but can even become wealthy.

For chess players who cross over, this will be the first time that more than just a handful of players will be able to convert their immense skills and abilities into a paying career.
A highly unique Cryptocurrency system that is made up of 2 elements. The simple act of playing this game will generate TarkCoins for you.

The Coins can also be bought with fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies.  They can even be earned through social interaction, (more on this later).


While TarkCoins are mostly created through playing the game, they will also be used to start a game, to buy and/or upgrade pieces and board sets, and to buy other things like online courses and tickets to the pro-tournaments.
Tarka Tournaments will be nothing like todays chess tournaments. At the highest level they are spectacles, the strategy of winning the game is not restricted to the board & pieces. How you dress, what you say, the way you behave (expect  something like with the wrestling federation pomp) all goes towards winning the game. You can distract your opponent with flamboyant clothing or with distraction of almost any sort, but you cannot harm or abuse your opponent. 

Tarka tournaments will be over the top events. Nothing like a chess tournament, think star wars convention meets up with the wrestling federation and goes to a chess game together to see what kind of trouble they can raise! 

The tournament games will be open for spectators to watch, they will pay for their tickets in TarkCoins. 

We have imagined tournament games where there are big screens above the game play itself with a 3D animated representation of the game as it is played and the pieces are represented in any manner the players desire, something maybe more like a digital fighting game animation.
We will arrange the establishment of an association managed by the players themselves to coordinate and implement the processes of the tournament.

With Tarka, this will be an association that is 100% governed by ALL the members of the association. Using the same blockchain technology and systems that will be managing the TarkCoins.

The association will utilise the most sophisticated governance systems currently developed and use a liquid democracy platform to allow all members to vote on all aspects of the associations activities and the way the competitions are run. 

The association will fully utilise collective decision making that gives voters full decisional control with no minority vested interests controlling how the game is run as a sport. No one will control the game or dictate how it is managed.   

The competition will be firmly in the hands of all players who are competing and will become a shinning example and an inspiration to other sports for how players can manage an international tournament.  



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